How to fix Apple Watch Freezes or Unresponsive (Even for Apps)

Although you can only use is limited apps and widgets on your Apple Watch, they can also sometimes cause freezing problems for your smart watch.

When the Apple Watch gets frozen, you will not be able to do any action or use the entire device at all. There are multiple different kinds of states, which make your Apple Watch become unreliable.

In this article, we will show you some problems that cause your watch being unresponsive or crash continuously. Besides, you can also learn some tricks we perform to fix these issues in the future.

  1. Restart your Apple Watch
  • Press and hold the side button right below the Digital Crown
  • The slider will appear on the screen, drag it to the right to power off
  • Then, turn your Apple Watch back on

If you are unable to close the application from your Apple Watch by using this method, here is another solution for you.

  1. Force an app to close on Apple Watch
  • Press and hold the side button as we did earlier
  • Wait until the power down menu displays
  • Now repeat the process by pressing and holding on the side button again

These steps will help you force close an active application, which is not being responsive.

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  1. Reboot an Apple Watch
  • Hold down the Digital Crown and side button respectively
  • Wait a few seconds for the device to reboot

If you follow one of the methods above, you will be able to fix any unresponsive problems on your Apple Watch. It is a crashing problem, freezing, or even when you see your smart watch is slowing down, all of them can be solved

There is another solution for you is updating to watchOS 3 to kill any apps from the App Switcher. The same with how you did it on your iPhone/iPad, if something does not work properly, close it from the system.