How to bring iOS 10 Predictive Emoji on iOS 9 devices

There are many shortcuts to texting in iOS, so Apple has implemented some features to makes texting more convenience and time-saving. For example, we now have the word suggestion feature. While you type, there is an extra bar on top of your keyboard to learn your context and suggest appropriate words that you will type next.

On the new iOS 10, Apple introduces one more feature called Predictive Emoji. Just like the traditional Predictive feature, but if you use iMessage on iOS 10, it will now suggest emoji as regular words. As you know, iOS 10 can learn what you want to type next and suggest it to you in the form of emoji.

But unfortunately, there are many iOS users are still using iOS 9, specifically, the jailbroken iOS 9. If you are in that case, what will you do? There is a new jailbreak tweak that can help you get this Emoji prediction feature on older firmware.

EmojiSuggest can add emojis to the prediction bar in iOS 9 (the same in iOS 10). Not only that but this new tweak can also predict about 700 words with support for basic plurals

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The rest as followed

  • Contains an option to replace the typed words or simply add the emoji
  • Compatible with PredictionShortcuts

If you like the Predictive Emoji in iOS 10, but you don’t want to take the risk of updating your firmware, EmojiSuggest is the best alternative for you.

How to Install EmojiSuggest onto jailbroken iOS 9 devices

  • Open Cydia and reload your sources
  • Go to the BigBoss repo
  • Search and install EmojiSuggest
  • Move to Settings and enable it

You can start using the tweak right after activating it.

To find out if it works or not, launch Message app and compose a text. If the prediction bar is showing both suggestive words, and emojis that means you installed successfully the tweak.