How to reset restriction passcode in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad

If you want to take control of your children’s activities on your iPhone/iPad, restriction passcode is the best solution for you. However, sometimes it might get you into trouble if you forget it. That time you will not be able to purchase anything via your iPhone, install, or uninstall your apps. Don’t worry; there are still some ways to fix the issue. In this article, we will show two ways to reset restriction passcode on your iDevice running iOS 10.

  1. Restore your iPhone to factory settings

The first thing you can try is restoring your device to the factory settings

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Turn off your device. Press and hold down the “Power” and the “Home” button (on iPhone 7/7 Plus is the Power and Volume down button) simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the “Power” button but keep holding the “Home” (Volume down) button.

Step 3: Keep holding the Home (volume down) button and connect your iPhone to computer with a lightning cable. This will put your iPhone/iPad into DFU Mode, which allows iTunes to restore the iOS firmware. iTunes will a pop-up with a messages shows up “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery mode”, and your device is now ready for restoring.

Step 4: Now, click on the “Restore” button to start the restore process. It may take several minutes, but after it is complete, your iPhone will be restored to factory settings.

The easiest way to reset restrictions passcode is restoring it with a backup file made before the restrictions passcode was set. However, in some cases some you cannot find the backup, you will have to set your iPhone as new.

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  1. Use iBackupBot

There is another solution for users who want to exit restriction passcode as well as do not have to restore the device to the latest iOS version. That is using iBot Backup software.

First, you need to prepare something:

  • The iPhone/iPad set restriction passcode.
  • Latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Download iBackupBot

You can try the restriction passcode a few times before starting. A “failed attempt” message will display when tapping on Restrictions.

Do a Backup with iTunes

  • First, connect your Device to computer.
  • Launch iTunes and do a backup.
  • Exit iTunes after doing the backup but still keep your connected.

Now you will have to edit the back up to reset the restriction passcode. You must pay attention all steps below:

  • Open iBackupBot
  • Go to SystemFiles/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences
  • Look for a file named apple.springboard.plist

  • Open in Notepad or any text editor in your computer.
  • Look for the following line:



(Any number here is X)

  • Below this line, you add this code:



Save the file and press ctrl +T  to restore it in your iPhone/iPad through iBackupBot

Reboot your iPhone and press 1234 to restrict the passcode. That’s done and it should work.

Above are two simple ways to reset the restriction passcode on your iOS 10 iPhone/iPad. If you find it useful, feel free to leave comments.