How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a very popular wearable device that’s capable of doing a lot of your smartphone’s feature while being worn on your wrist, things that you have never imagined a watch could do before. Have you ever thought listening music on the Apple Watch entirely without being paired to your iPhone?

If you are search for ways to do on your Apple Watch, read through this post to know how to sync the iPhone’s playlist to Apple watch, play local music stored on your Apple Watch or pair a Bluetooth headset with an Apple watch.

How to Sync Playlist from iPhone to Apple Watch to Listen without iPhone

You can easily sync an iPhone’s playlist with your Apple Watch to save your time. Follow the given steps to sync a playlist between these two Apple devices.

  • Connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.
  • Launch the Music app, then move to the Playlists
  • Select any section you want, open Synced Playlist, and see if any playlist is there.
  • If not, create a playlist to add it there. Then your Apple Watch will be synced with the same playlist.
  • Now enjoy the playlist on your Apple Watch

How to Play Music from Apple Watch to Local Devices

Music files stored on an Apple Watch could be locally played without needing an iPhone, just follow the steps below to do this:

  • Head to the Music app on your Apple Watch, then hard press to bring up the available options for the Music App on Apple Watch.
  • Tap on ‘Source’ from the options, and choose Apple Watch on the next screen.
  • Tap on Bluetooth to find a Bluetooth headphone and pair it with your Apple Watch
  • Now, you can play music on the headphone without needing an iPhone.

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How to Pair a Bluetooth Headphone with an Apple Watch

Follow the given steps below to pair a Bluetooth headset with your Apple Watch:

  • From the Home screen on your Apple Watch, open the Settings app using touch and digital crown.
  • In Settings, find the Bluetooth option and turn it on.
  • If you have turned your headphone/headset on, it would be shown up in the Apple Watch’s available Bluetooth device list. Tap on it to pair.

That’s all! Apple Watch is a great wearable music player. Although some features are just for fun, the available Music options are quite interesting. Do you feel this post useful, share your  thoughts with us in the comment below.