How to Dual-Boot 2 Versions of iOS on your iPhone

Have you ever thought your jailbreak iPhone altogether dual- boots iOS versions? If not, we now have an interesting thing for you. That’s CoolBooter tweak. It is a new utility app which allows iPhone users to dual-boot 2 iOS versions on the same device. This gives users the option to select which OS to boot into

Unlike Mac when users can install both macOS and Windows on their computer, iOS systems don’t offer the function. But now, with the CoolBooter, you can enjoy dual-booting right from your 32-bit jailbroken Apple device.

Multiple iOS versions running on one device isn’t a new thing as software modification experts and experienced developers have already demonstrated this. But the new part in CoolBooter for jailbroken iDevices makes it become easier for users to get to it.

However, as we said, this app is only capable with 32-bit Apple jailbroken devices. In addition, the process is just available for devices having firmware keys publicly; so this will exclude some iPad/iPod models, like the iPad mini or the iPod Touch 5th generation, the latter was built with Apple’s chip A5 second revision. Apart from those, the tweak works well with devices such as iPhone 5, 5c and 4s, iPad 4, 3 and 2 as their processor is built on the 32-bit architecture.

A great thing about CoolBooter is that once installed through Cydia, you can use it easily to run dual-boot. It does not require any modification and any internal file system tinkered with. You can simply install iOS’s second version through a simple interface. It can also be used to boot the second iOS version, as you want to switch between two versions.

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To download CoolBooter, you just add to the Cydia source, then search for and install the jailbreak app CoolBooter. Let’s know how it works out for you in the comment below.