Tips to play Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

After a long wait, the promise of Niantic Inc. from September has finally become true. The Pokemon GO game is now available on Apple Watch, and on other wearable devices.

The Pokemon GO is now more accessible, and besides just watching times or view notifications as before, your smart watch can now play the popular game. Here is the guide to download and play Pokemon GO on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will enable users to explore the world and get exercise. Niantic also says that Apple Watches will help players discover Pokemons nearby more easily and collect things from PokeStops with just a tap.

However, to get a Pokemon on your Apple Watch, it still requires you to touch it with your iPhone. Also, the sessions can be logged via the Apple Watch app as “Workout”. How to Download Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

  • First, ensure you have updated the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone.
  • Now launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Pokémon Go option.
  • Turn on the Show App on Apple Watch option to install the game on your Watch.
  • Now open the app and play Pokemon Go right on your Apple Watch.

Features of Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

Some main features you can achieve when playing Pokemon Go on Apple Watch:

  • You will get notifications about Pokemons nearby.
  • Hatch Pokemon Eggs and receive Candy with Pokemon Buddy.
  • Get notifications about PokeStops.
  • Receive notifications about medal awards and eggs hatching.
  • Each play session can be logged as a workout; activity rings will increase, but it’s not an actual workout.

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Niantic’s team has done a great job when they have made the release just after Christmas and before the New Year for all users. So, it’s considered as a great gift for Pokemon Go fans who are owning an Apple Watch. It’s time to go out to enjoy the New Year atmosphere and hunt Pokemon with your wearable.