How to Unlock All Levels of Super Mario Run For Free

As you know, Super Mario Run was recently released by Nintendo for iOS platform, and has been receiving the most downloaded turn since then. What is making the game fascinated, especially for observers of the App Store, is that it is free to play, and free to install.

But that’s said, only 2-3 levels you can play for free, and if you want to unlock more levels inside the game, you have to pay for $9.99 to do this. The price tag, we sure, makes many of you think twice. However, fortunately, there is a way to help you play all the levels for free. That’s Cash For Apps. With “Cash For App”, you can ear a $10 iTunes Gift Card to pay for unlocking. The process is quite simple when you just have to create an account and complete tasks to get in-app points. Then, you do tasks relating to downloading, installing, and opening games or apps to gain 100 to 300 points, which then can be converted to an iTunes gift card.

Getting a $10 iTunes gift card requires for 3000 points, so after reaching that number, you can redeem the points for a code for the App Store or iTunes, which gives you $10 credit that can be used to pay for the Super Mario Run in-app purchases. In addition, the points can also be used for more gift cards, like those offered by Steam.

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So if you have free time and want to play the more levels in Super Mario Run without needing to pay fee, this is an easy way you can get the full unlock of the app and play all levels for fun that you don’t have to worry about anything deducted from your credit card.

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