Know How to report an issue related to Maps in iPhone or iPad

As first introduced in iOS 6 version, the Apple Maps app has received a fair share of criticism. When it was launched, the app still contained locations errors that made for some funny and sometimes caused the dangerous situations. Until now, although Apple Maps app still is not perfect, we can all admit that it has been greatly improved.

Since the release of Apple Maps, Apple has quietly received input from users about the issues in the app. While reporting a problem in Apple Maps is popular by any means, it’s probably one overlooked, hence this post today.

If you see an issue related to Maps in your iPhone/iPad, we encourage you to report the issue to Apple. It’s very likely that the company will look at your report, and take some solutions to fix the issue if necessary.

You can report a variety of issues in Maps; here’s the list you can report issues to Apple:

  • Map Labels
  • Navigation
  • Search
  • Transit
  • Image Quality
  • Home address
  • Add a Place
  • Work address
  • Other Issue

How to report an issue in Maps on iPhone/ iPad

  • Open Maps app from your Home screen.
  • Tap on the blue Info button with the “i” icon in a circle.
  • Tap Report an Issue.
  • Tap on Agree.
  • Select the issue you want to report. For this example, you choose Image Quality.
  • Select the road or location you want to report.
  • Tap on Next.
  • Enter the correct name for the issue. In addition, you can also type additional comments and add a photo if you want.
  • Finally, click on Send.

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Depending on the issue you reported, the process would be different. But luckily, Apple includes instructions along the way so you won’t see an issue too much. Apple can contact to you via the email address associated with your iCloud account in case they have any follow-up questions about the issue you reported.