Know How to Fix Wrong Location on iPhone

When Apple first released the Apple Maps, the social networks were flooded with negatives memes because the Apple Maps app often instructed wrong directions; so many people had to go far away from the destinations they actually wanted to reach.

Although Apple has worked so hard to improve their Map app and it’s nearly perfect for a lot of countries in the world now, the first impressions could not go away anytime soon. Here are few tips to fix a wrong location on your iPhone.

  1. Check your App First

If the incorrect location is displaying on the Maps app, a social networking app’s location tagging section maybe an app error and not the iPhone’s location error itself. There may be bugs in that app. In such cases, you should close, then re-open the app or reboot your iPhone to fix the issue. If other apps still work fine with the location, then it’s definitely an app trouble.

  1. iPhone Location Service Not Working Properly

If you are using Apple Maps, to track your location, and the circle covering the blue dot on your map starts getting bigger, then it may not be an issue with your iPhone. The circle means the accuracy level, the bigger the circle is furthest to its original location. This position is determined by the GPS satellites like A-GPS and GLONASS, so having a clear line-of-sight between your iPhone and the satellites are necessary.

  1. Make Sure a Fast & Stable Internet Connection

If you need location service to work properly, then you should use Wi-Fi by all means. Mobile network is usually slightly slower than Wi-Fi in most cases, and the bandwidth might have an impact on the location taking much time.

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  1. Reset Locations & Privacy

If nothing works, you should think about resetting locations & privacy. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Locations & Privacy and confirm your actions to reset the location settings. This will work after your iPhone reboots.

These are the common tips to fix a wrong location on your iPhone. You can visit an Apple service center if you think the issue comes from a hardware trouble. Feel free to share your thoughts in comment below.