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How to download and install iNDS Emulator for iPhone on iOS 10.2

If you are a fan of emulator, you know from iOS 10, it has become harder to install emulators and third-party apps on your iPhone/iPad, though, they do no harm to your iOS device. As a result, you will not able to download them directly from the App Store.

If you feel tired when you failed to download and install iNDS, for insatnce a Nintendo emulator, on your iOS 10.2 device, not a surprise at all, as Apple revoked its certificate, we still have the solution for you. There are Cydia Impactor and Xcode. You can use these tools to sideload iNDS emulator.

Traditional method

Before we are going to show you how to slideload iNDS emulatore, let’s try the traditional method. We will install iNDS directly on your device from a website.

  • Launch Safari and visit com/inds
  • Tap on the iNDS box and select Install
  • You will be taken back and forth between pages to install the iNDS profile
  • You are not now able to open the emulator yet. Head to the Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  • Find and tap the profile of iNDS and tap on Trust
  • Back to your home screen and open the app.

As we said earlier, the above method might be unsuccessful at times. Another way you can do to install the emulator is signing the certificate on your own.’

You can use Cydia Impactor software as it works on both Windows & Mac and easy to use.

  1. Download and install Cydia Impactor
  2. Click hereto download the ipa
  3. Connect your iPhone/ iPad to a computer
  4. Drag and drop the .ipa file you just downloaded to Cydia Impactor and type in your Apple ID and password
  5. Enter your credentials and then itt will install the app

6. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management

7. Tap on trust the iNDS app you installed earlier

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Now you can play the emulator games you want, but one thing you should remember that free developer account can just sign an app for 7 days. This means, after one week, you will have to do the steps above again.