How to Play Super Mario Run; few Tips

After a long wait, Super Mario Run is now available in the App Store for iOS device. It is the Mario’s first game on a mobile device. Like any good Super Mario Bros game, it’s quite easy game, but you also need a plenty of skill-based to play it well. In this post, we will show you few tips that you might find them helpful when playing Super Mario Run. Check it out!

How to jump like a boss

If you want to achieve ass many coins, Challenge Coins as possible, first you need to know how to jump.

  • Mini-jump: Allow Mario to avoid small obstacles.
  • Normal jump: Just tap on the screen.
  • High jump: Tap and hold on the screen..
  • Flip jump:Tap on screen when Mario is about to fall onto a edge to flip down.
  • Spin jump:Tap, hold, then tap again to make your Mario spin and stall in mid-air for more time
  • Wall jump:Tap when Mario hits a wall to rebound off that edge backwards to grab coins above or below you!

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Some advanced jumping tricks

  • Hit multiple blocks at once: If you calculate the time for your jumps exactly, you can overcome multiple blocks and gain multiple power-ups.
  • A mid-air stall makes all the difference: You can actually do a special move that pauses you in mid-air and moves you backward by just a step called mid-air stall. Simply touch the screen to high-jump, then swipe to the left while your Mario is in mid-air.

  • Do a spin jump to grab the flag– There is one way to grab the flag with the best point at the end of each level is performing a mid-air spin. Touch and hold the screen for a high-jump, then tap back on the screen again you are in mid-air to spin.
  • Bubble to rewind– A bubble will appear when you die, but you just tap on the Bubble button at the top at any time to restart the level. If you miss out on a Challenge Coin, bubble back and do the magic. But remember that there won’t be any extra time on the clock, so don’t be slow!


  • Death isn’t a bad thing– When you die, you lose a number of coins, but you will be put back at the beginning of the level without resetting the content. Just remember that you can run out of time, so don’t waste it.

Above are few tips & tricks to play well Super Mario Run game for iOS devices. If you find it useful, share your thoughts with us in the comment below