How to download and Install tvOS 10.1.1 Beta 1

Apple has released the tvOS 10.1.1 Beta 1version for Apple TV with a lot of new features, bug fixes and improvement enhancement. I bet, you will really enjoy making the most of it on your Apple TV once the official version is publicly released. If you have a developer account and are looking forward the tvOS 10.1.1 beta version, you can easily install it on your compatible TV (4th generation). Here is how you do it.

Before install the new beta version, there is something you need to know:

  • There are two ways to install tvOS 10.1.1 beta 1 on your Apple TV.
  • You will need an USB-C cable to connect your Apple TV to Mac to download tvOS configuration profile.
  • OTA process only updates the system software. All configurations, as well as apps, will be not affected.
  • If you use the Restore Image option, which connects to your Mac via USB-C, it will get rid of your Apple TV developer unit.
  • As tvOS 10.1.1 is still in developer beta, you may get some small bugs while using it.
  1. Steps to Download and Install tvOS 10.1.1 Beta 1 via OTA
  • Go to your Mac and then log in developer username and password .
  • Click on the blue Downloadbutton on the right of tvOS 10.1 beta configuration profile.
  • Next, download and install the Apple Configuratorapp from the Mac App Store.
  • Connect your Apple TV (4th gen) with AC power and with your Mac using a USB-C cable.
  • Open Apple Configuratorand click on Add Profiles to your Apple TV.
  • Now, add the tvOS 10.1 beta configuration profile you have just downloaded.
  • After the configuration profile has been installed, restart your Apple TV. Then go to System > Settings > Software Update, click on it

Once your TV detects tvOS 10.1.1, it will download and install it.

Steps to Install the tvOS 10.1.1 Beta 1 Using USB-C

  • On your Mac, visit com/download. Then enter your developer username and password
  • Click on the blue Downloadbutton of tvOS 10.1.1 restore image.
  • Click on the Xcode 8Download button and then install it on your Mac.
  • Now, connect your Apple TV (4thgen) to your Mac using a USB-C.
  • Next, open iTunesand select your Apple TV when it displays in iTunes.
  • Hold down the Option key and click on Check for Updates.
  • Next, click on the tvOS 10.1.1 beta you have just downloaded and wait for the tvOS 10.1.1 beta 1 to install on your TV.

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That’s all. Now your Apple TV is running on the latest tvOS version. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.