Photoshop now has TouchBar support

Apple has introduced the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID at its October event, and there was a feature which impressed many viewers that was Adobe Photoshop. Finally, Photoshop 2017 was updated for the Mac with Touch Bar support, so you can now access all the best editing tools without needing to search for them in the app menu.

Adobe released an accompanied document to explain for users how the Touch Bar works with Photoshop. There are three different modes: Layers Properties, Favorites and Brushes. Touch Bar functions for Layer Properties will include the adjustment for the layer opacity and visibility, blending modes, and make a layer a clipping mask. For Brushes, users can use the Touch Bar to stick a color, brush size, hardness, opacity, and flow. There are secondary contextual tools available as well when features are selected. For instance, if you use Select & Mask, the Touch Bar will display the controls relating to selections.

Besides, Photoshop also has a History Scrubber feature so that users can jump to any recent state of a document created during the current session. Each time you save a change for the document, a new document state will be added. Simply scroll through or tap on thumbnails on the Touch Bar to move to the document history.

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The default mode will display a quick-tap for all three categories, when using, you need to tap a category to go in deeper. In case you use one particular section more than the others, you can easily customize the tools on Touch Bar yourself. For example, you want Duplicate Layer there to access easier, just put it at the forefront on the Touch Bar!

Have you tried using the Touch Bar with Photoshop? What do you think about it? Feel free to leave your thoughts with us in the comments below.