A review of the Apple Watch Hermes Series 2

After the success of the first Apple Watch Hermès generation released in September 2015, Apple and Hermès now have announced the next generation of stainless steel and leather watch: Series 2.

With all the new features of Apple Watch Series 2, and Hermès bands and colors old and new, whether it will make anyone invest in them to upgrade. Here is a brief review of the Apple Watch Hermes Series 2 so that you can decide upgrading or not.

Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 is exactly its name implies — a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2 covered with Hermès brand on the back, paired with unique Hermès bands in the box, and with a Hermès watch face.

Besides, Apple Watch Hermès has also gotten a new dual core Apple S2 processor with built-in GPS inside, which is faster than the previous generation and you can do a route tracking even when you forget taking your iPhone.

On the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 also includes better water resistance so you can be more confident to wear it for workouts or recreation like swimming. And the screen has the double brightness to help you see everything more clearly, even in the sun. There is also the new orange color option to come with the typeface and style options for the Hermès face.

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Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 contains a collection of case and band pairings from 38mm to 42mm series.  New for Series 2, Apple and Hermès are now adding a second orange sport band in the box. It’s classic Hermès orange and looks like the same style as Apple’s original sport bands. It’s a great addition, and makes Series 2 focus on fitness and swim-proofing.

You have to pay $269 to own an Apple Watch Series 1, so I think the Apple Watch Hermès series 2 definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those who similarly still want both, Apple and Hermès will make a pure magic combination.