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Know how you can make use of the external libraries with Photos for Mac

iPhone is a great smartphone of Apple with the excellent camera. So that is not surprised if you take a lot of photos. All of your pictures will be saved automatically to iCloud Photo Library via your iCloud Account, but after a long time, your iCloud storage will be full. In case you don’t want to tidy storage of iCloud Photo Library, and you see some space on, you can still use Photos for Mac, and keep local copies of all your original pictures and videos, with an external hard drive.

How to use Photos for Mac with an external hard drive

Like iPhoto, your Photos for Mac library can extract to an external hard drive. You just quit Photos for Mac.

  • Move your existing Photos library from your own Picture folder to an external drive of your choice.
  • Option-clicking on Photos to select your desired Photos library from the external drive.

If you’re syncing to iCloud Photo Library, you’ll need to plug your drive in so that you can sync or view your library. Note that you will not able to create a second Photos Library if the iCloud Photo Library has been enabled on your Mac.

Photos has an ability of supporting management of images, which aren’t locally stored within its library, so you can keep a backup of images in a folder and manage them within Photos without having to do a separate copy of them. From the menu bar, navigate to Photos > Preferences, and select the General tab > uncheck the “Copy items to the Photos library” box under Importing section.

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Reference libraries do not always work well with iCloud Photo Library users; and you may catch some issues when syncing, or  even you’re not able to sync at all. Therefore, if you plan to use a reference library, you’ll have to quit  iCloud Photo Library.